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Born into a family of filmmakers, I have produced and directed several high-impact documentaries, most recently for the United Nations Geneva Summit for Human Rights. My documentaries help raise awareness of human and animal rights violations around the world to provide a voice for the voiceless.

My Story

My name is Michael Mansouri and I am a victim of crime. Like most victims, I have been revictimized by our criminal justice system; which has never actually functioned to provide justice to the poor and powerless among us.


I have decided to share my story with other victims let down by a unjust criminal system that does not hold criminals accountable and instead revictimizes the victims and their families.


I have already started the process of interviewing other victims to organize and amplify their stories, My hope is to provide awareness and unity to hold people in power accountable for their lack of actions.  


With every obstacle faced,  we also have a great opportunity to empower ourselves with the truth.

This incident happened to me and my family on June 01st, 2021 

This video contains strong language and not suitable for young children. 

Abuser Travers Jerome (TJ) McClearin has subjected me and my family to nearly a year of relentless stalking and torment. The most recent incident was the only time I was actually able to record his threats.


TJ felt so emboldened that he asked me to record his series of repulsive threats, calling me a "faggot" and "dirty filthy Jew" and declared numerous times that he was going to kill me and my family. He followed up his threats by stating he knew where I lived. To prove his determination of fulfilling his mission, he showed up to to my work and also my home where he vandalized my wife's car.


I immediately reported these series of crimes to the FBI and LAPD. On June 23rd 2021, I was granted a protective order including any harassments on social media ref: RO #21STR002716.


The court order is apparently a joke to him. The day after he was served with the restraining order, he started to contact me and posted on social media that "the restraining order doesn't phase me at all." To prove his defiance for the court order, he brazenly posted pictures of himself at my work (posts enclosed for your review).



If you are interested in learning more about my story and similar stories such as mine of other victims.  

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